Tuesday Tunes: Holiday Party Playlist

This weekend is our aforementioned holiday party and I am getting so excited as each little project and detail begins to fall into place.  This really is one of my favorite parties to throw each year because it gets me in the holiday frame of mind. The house is decked out, our friends come decked out, and we get to share some bubbly and laughs with our favorite people.

Every great party needs a great playlist and a holiday party is no exception. I think the real trick with holiday party music is finding a good mix of standard classics and throwing in some curve balls and refreshed takes on the songs we’ve heard a million times.  You’ve also got to know when to take the party up, and when to slow things down…this is something I’m still figuring out, but we always seem to have a good time so maybe it’s not so much an art as it is luck.

With all that said, the order of this might not be perfect, but I think this little 12-song playlist will give you some ideas as to how to breathe some new life into what can be a rather stale song selection.  Do you have any good holiday music you think I should include?

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  1. Mindy S

    Great play list!! Can’t wait till Saturday!

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