Tuesday Tunes: Janis Joplin

This week’s Tuesday Tunes comes to you by special request, and who am I to argue when that special request is for a music legend the likes of who we have never, and will never, see again. Janis Joplin has a voice that will stop you in your tracks. You know it’s her the minute you hear that raspy voice. It’s unmistakable.

She spent several years as part of Big Brother and The Holding Company with whom she initially recorded songs now synonymous with her legacy, including Piece of My Heart and Summertime on their album Cheap Thrills. In 1968, Janis set off on her own, determined to forge her way as a solo artist. Sadly, that path was also laden with alcohol and drugs. In October, 1970 at the age of 27, she would die of a heroin overdose, just sixteen days after Jimi Hendrix succumbed to the same fate.

Thankfully, many of her performances have been preserved through the magic of film so that those of us who weren’t there to witness her otherworldly performances can still get a feel for what it might have been like to have been there.

Ball and Chain. Oh that voice!

…and a bonus song, because I couldn’t pick just one.


photos by Daniel Kramer and Ian Burt.

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  1. Leslie B

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Sadly, I am just seeing this, BUT Janis is just what I needed to get through my day! I am having a dreadful hair day (lots of moisture in the air, so my hair is frizzy!) and looking at Janis’s long frizzy hair, I think maybe I can still be as cool as she was, frizzy hair and all! Miss you friend!

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