Tuesday Tunes: Jessie Frye

I was listening to our local listener-supported radio station 97.1 KXT yesterday morning when I first heard this local artist, Jessie Frye. I liked what I initially heard, but wasn’t necessarily convinced I was totally on board…and then I heard more.  Frye hails from Denton, TX (by way of Arlington) and has seen some regional success up to this point.  This April she released her EP Fireworks Child and I’m curious to see where her musical journey takes her.  This song is the first song of Frye’s that I heard but I particularly like Red Angel White Devil from the EP–check it out (there’s not a video of it available or I would’ve put in here!).

So what do you think? Is she yet another local hopeful…or does she have the potential to hit the big time?  I have high hopes that we’ll see her notoriety continue to grow.

Like what you hear? You can download the entire EP here.

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