Tuesday Tunes: Laura Marling

photo by @alterna2

Laura Marling has been building a name for herself in the Indie Music scene for a number of years, getting started in her native England. The buzz around her seemed to really pick up with the release of her 2010 album I Speak Because I Can, which also served as my introduction to Marling (I’m obviously late to the game learning about her!).  She walked away from this year’s Brit Awards with the award for Best Female Solo Artist.  There is something in her music and spirit that I really gravitate towards. Perhaps its the fact that she seems to really embrace the “old” way of doing things, not letting technology warp her music into something it’s not, as is the case with much of mainstream music today. This song, Rambling Man, was one of the singles off the 2010 album, and one that sort of hangs in your consciousness long after its ended. I look forward to hearing much more from this young talent. Enjoy!

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