Tuesday Tunes: Love Song

The Cure, 311, Adele

I thought for today’s Tuesday Tunes I’d go a little different route. Rather than choosing an artist I am loving right now, I’d pick a song and share several different versions of it. As we were cleaning the house on Sunday, the song Lovesong came on and every time I hear it I stop and say “I just love this song!” And it really doesn’t matter which version of the song it is.  Originally by The Cure, their version is hard to beat, naturally. But the first time I heard the song, it was the 311 version, which was also featured in the movie 50 First Dates, and I think that will always be my favorite only because it’s the first one I knew. It’s got that signature laid-back, beach bum 311 sound.  But then, I got the Adele album and wouldn’t you know, there that song is again. And with her voice and arrangement, it is somehow even more haunting than its previous renditions.  I love them all.

The Cure



So, do you have a favorite?


photos: The Cure, 311, Adele

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  1. I tend to favor Adele’s version but you’re right, no matter who sings it, it’s a sweet, beautiful song! – Kate

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