Tuesday Tunes: Steve and Emmylou

Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris

So I started working on this post knowing I wanted to feature Steve Earle’s Galway Girl. We had an epic night of playing DJ and drinking wine with my parents a few weeks back and my dad threw this gem on the iPod somewhere along the way and it has just stuck with me since then. I can’t get enough! I completely forgot that this song was a part of the movie P.S. I Love You as well, sung by the easy-on-the-eyes Gerard Butler (link to that version here!) which makes me love it even more.

But then as I was perusing music videos, I got lost, for at least an hour, probably more, in anything and everything Emmylou Harris. Her voice is so unique, and beautiful, and haunting and melancholy. I couldn’t stop listening. Any new video that popped up I had to watch. And I just couldn’t let the week go without including one of her songs as well. It really is nearly impossible to choose just one…so I gave myself a bonus song sung by Steve and Emmylou together. Because that seems like the right way to wrap this up.

Neither of these songs is new, by any stretch of the imagination, but hopefully I’m at least bringing you some things you wouldn’t normally hear. That, my friends, is my goal here in Tuesday Tunes. Because I just can’t keep up with all the latest and greatest all the time, and there is so much goodness waiting to be rediscovered. Enjoy!


P.S. Emmylou Harris makes me want to name my future (distant future!) daughter Emmylou. No?

P.S.S. Any requests for future Tuesday Tunes? This will be back as a regular weekly column, thanks to your friendly demands. :) xoxo.

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