Tuesday Tunes: The Parlor Mob’s New Album

I’m so excited because after what has seemed like an eternity, one of my favorite bands, The Parlor Mob, has finally released a new album, Dogs. I’ve shared my affinity for the band’s work here before and have been making do replaying their first album And You Were A Crow ad nauseum.  So today is certainly a long-awaited gift to my ears.

From the band’s website:

Dogs is the culmination of everything that has led us to this point, all the internal and external struggles that have made us who we are. To us, it serves the downtrodden of our times, who can feel their struggle reflected in ours. We called the album Dogs because it is a personification of everything we all have become and a wide reaching, never-ending analogy for what we currently feel; a unified stamp of our lives in this moment. We have been beaten to the ground, spit on and kicked, and we have bitten back and clawed at those who are against us. We have felt caged. We have been hungry and fought for scraps. We have been pet and praised in one instant, and neglected and abused in the next. We have formed a pack, and we are fiercely loyal to one another.


Go buy the album and support great artist-driven music!

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