Workin’ On My Fitness

I am notorious for signing up for workout classes, and gym memberships and yoga workshops that I think will somehow cure me of my inability to get on a workout routine.  I try to convince myself that I CAN do it and I CAN get back into the shape I was in when I was dancing for hours on end, day after day. But in the end, I once again fall off the bandwagon.  You see, I spent 20 some-odd years of my life in a dance studio. I didn’t take PE past 6th grade because I would leave school early to go to the dance studio. I never learned how to workout outside of dance.  On top of that, I am painfully shy and an introvert of the highest order.  I am 1000 percent intimidated by the gym and no matter how often I go, I never seem to feel at ease there. I know that nobody there cares what I’m doing, or even notices that I’m there really. But it feels like the moment I walk in and do anything other than walk on a treadmill, the WHOLE GYM FULL OF PEOPLE can see that I clearly don’t know what I’m doing and am clearly out of place. (feel sorry for me yet?)

Well, I have, once again, signed on for a gym membership.  Maybe now that I’m older, slightly more confident, much less concerned with what others think of me, and, most importantly, can’t afford to replace my wardrobe to suit my growing waistline, something will stick. Tonight I go for my initial “fitness assessment” which was described to me as a sort of introductory, complimentary personal training session. (more like a ploy to get you to actually buy PT sessions, right?)

In an effort to get excited about it, rather than nervously dreading it, I’m imagining it will be something more glamorous, like Mae West, than what I remember:

What do you do to stay motivated in your workout routine? Does the gym intimidate the bejesus out of anyone else?  Wish me luck…

photos by lobstar28, unknown source, and Margaret Chute via Allison Marchant


  1. I’m like you. I spent 15 years playing competitive soccer all the way through college and somehow I lack the ambition to work out. I don’t think going to the gym is intimidating, I think I just have a lack of motivation. If I miss my work out for one day, then I won’t go back to the gym for a week (some might call is laziness!)

    Good luck on getting back in the gym!

    • Thanks Betsy! Yeah, if I’m being completely honest there is certainly a lack of motivation that has crept in as well. I just hope and pray I can find it somewhere. These pants aren’t going to fit much longer! :) Here’s hoping we can both find our motivation.

  2. Mindy S

    I agree! Gyms are difficult for me and I’m way intimated to do anything with weights on my own or anything that might draw attention to me. I feel bad because while I’m typing this I’m considering not going to run and going to eat chips and queso instead. EEk

    • Did you go get some chips and queso? I hope so! Yum. If you only knew how many times I’ve induged in chips and queso in the last week, you would know you have nothing to worry about! Mindy, you are a running QUEEN. You don’t need a gym. I only hope I can find the same dedication you have. Miss you sweet friend.

  3. Khalela

    Funny I just signed up for 24 hour fitness again on Monday. I had my fitness evaluation today and I actually did sign up for the PT because I thought it was a really good deal and my trainer and I had a good rapport. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Getting in shape and staying in shape is hard work, maybe we can help keep each other accountable!

    • We can definitely keep eachother accountable! That’s so funny, I totally signed up for a PT too. Damn they are good. :) I think it’ll be totally worth it though. Hopefully he will help me figure out what I am doing! Miss you! Hope San Fran is treating you well!

  4. Kayla

    Hey Kate,
    Just wanted to send you some encouraging words. I’m majoring in Public Health: Physical activity and exercise and I’m still intimidated by the gym sometimes.. especially the free weights and all the machines that I have no idea what they’re for. haha. Group X classes are great because you have someone guiding you through a workout and some accountability from the other people in the class. I find that I push myself harder when I’m in class with other people. Also, finding a gym buddy will help a lot. Maybe if you have a guy friend thats into working out and would be willing to show you around until you get more comfortable.
    One more thing (sorry this is so long)… I follow this girls workout blog and she is amazingly toned and in shape. She posts new workouts daily that are really intense but quick. It might be something you can do at the gym or at home if you feel inclined to. Her website is
    Good luck on your gym endeavors! I love seeing people getting in shape and taking care of their bodies. Remember that you are stronger than you think you are and most people are too involved with themselves to be paying attention to what you’re doing 😉

    • Kayla! Thanks for your sweet words! While I was discouraged with how out of shape I am, I am totally excited about working with this guy (yes I caved and got a trainer!) He was very encouraging and I def feel accountable since I have to schedule time with him-and pay for it! I will definitely check out that blog too! I love finding people who inspire me. Thanks for sharing!

      On another note, I miss you! We must make plans to get me up to Portland for a visit!

      • Kayla

        You are welcome to come to Portland anytime you’d like! I have a house all to myself with rooms that ready to be occupied. It’s a great city and I’m sure you’d love it. Plus it would be really great to see you again!

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